Welcome to Spirit Bodies Integration.

This tutorial works with three of our energy bodies… Spiritual… Mental…. Emotional, as they relate to the physical.

This tutorial is taken from an actual client session. She has graciously agreed to allow its inclusion in this presentation. Her identity has been concealed, however some of her comments have been left in to retain continuity.

How Do I Get Started:

1] You’ll want to create a quiet space in which to do this work. Any disruption-free space will do… as long as you can avoid distraction. Keep plenty of water nearby, and keep yourself hydrated during this tutorial. 

2] You can practice the tutorial in its entirety OR in smaller chunks. Sections 2-7 contain the Spirit Bodies Integration broken into more manageable chunks to accommodate either your schedule, or your sensitivity to energy work. You will find the entire 54minute Spirit Bodies Integration video mp4 & audio mp3 files in Section 8. The MP3 files are downloadable. The video files also contain captioning with additional information and instruction, and are streamable 24/7. Now I know this is a closed-eyed tutorial, however watching the video at least once will give you extra insight that you can pull into your eyes-closed sessions.

3] This program begins with the SimpleTools™ MindMap here in Section 1. It contains some basic energy tools you may already be familiar with… grounding… center of head… and coming up to gold. Please be sure to do the SimpleTools™ MindMap Center of Head Tool exercise so that we can be speaking the same language during the rest of the instruction.

Have a great session.